Eight Unique Shoes You Can DIY

Eight Unique Shoes You Can DIY

Shoes define style. With the right pair of shoes, a person can say without words who they are and how they’re feeling today. Shoes can be unique as the person in them, but they can also command four-figure price tags. A more moderately priced option would be to make them yourself. Check out these do-it-yourself shoe ideas, from cupcakes and sprinkles to saddle-strap lace-ups, here are eight hand-decorated ideas to easily recreate at home.

Funky Shoes you can make yourself

Leather and Lace

With a little paint and lace, these may look like the designer high-end brands, but for hundreds of dollars less.



The Foodie

For those who like sprinkles, substitute the edible ice cream topping with strategically-placed glass beads, making a sweet treat for your feet!


Saddle Up

A black permanent marker can make these simple canvas shoes retro statement makers!


Cosmic Canvas

With a little fabric paint and a few drips and drizzles, this canvas slip-on can be transformed into a fashion statement of galactic proportions.




Rainbow Brite

With a glittery rainbow flat, anything is possible. Just ask Dorothy and Toto.



Hello, Sunshine

Instead of lacing up your shoes, make them slip-ons by gluing the tongue of the shoe to the body of the shoe.



Everything that Glitters is Gold

Check out these sneakers with gold paint for a fresh look.




America the Beautiful

A fun way to show your patriotic spirit! Fabric markers and a few stencils can help take these canvas slip-on shoes from ordinary to extraordinary.


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