Las Vegas Welcomes the NASCAR 2015 Sprint Cup Series

Las Vegas Welcomes the NASCAR 2015 Sprint Cup Series

The Big Race

It’s time to start your engines as the NASCAR 2015 promises an even more exciting season this year. Las Vegas will welcome NASCAR from March 5-8. An expected 250,000 fans will flock to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to witness the Kobalt 400 and a weekend full of events.Nascar_Sprint_cup_photo

Hauler Parade

Of course, the race itself is not the only thing that’s attracting the big crowds. For thousands of people who were not able to score tickets for the big race, the hauler parade on March 5 is an exciting alternative. The parade starts at 6 p.m., with a large stretch of the Las Vegas Strip closed to traffic to showcase the more than 50 NASCAR haulers.

For five miles, the parade starts at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign moving north towards Sahara Avenue and then heads towards the speedway in North Las Vegas.

March 6 is reserved for the Stratosphere Pole Day qualifiers, while March 7 is for the Xfinity Series Boyd Gaming 300. The main event, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Kobalt 400, will be held on March 8, Sunday, at 12:30 p.m.

Firestone for the fans, Neon for the cars

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For NASCAR fans, the Neon Garage opens up before the race. This gives everybody the chance to have a peek at the stock cars and observe the pit crews and drivers during the critical moments before the big race. The program will then open with a performance from Craig Wayne, the most recent winner of The Voice. Rascal Flatts will do the honor of singing the national anthem for the entire speedway.

For fans who want to be a part of the action, try heading to the race in your new Firestone tread sandals or work boots.That’s right, that Firestone. A specially designed Firestone tread sole (like the one on your tires) on the bottom of the men’s Firestone line of boots and shoes.


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NASCAR Drivers: Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch

As if things are not exciting enough, this also turns out to be the last season that driver Jeff Gordon will be competing in as a full-time NASCAR driver. This is his 23rd series. Gordon has been driving for the Hendrick Motorsports team since 1992. He holds 77 pole positions, 92 points in paying race wins, and 4 career cup championships. His crossover to NASCAR was also a huge factor in taking the sport into the mainstream.

As for Kyle Busch, it looks like he will be sitting out in this race in his hometown because of the injuries he sustained in a crash last week. The crash happened at the Daytona International Speedways, causing him to break his left foot and right leg.

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