Travel trends: Don’t leave home without these travel essentials

Travel trends: Don’t leave home without these travel essentials

Travel trends: Don’t leave home without these travel essentials

While your packing list may include four checked bags, two carry-ons and a set of golf clubs, you may have failed to pack your toothbrush. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember the essentials such as hairspray or a pair of walking shoes (you packed the four-inch heels but left your flip flops at home.) Pack these travel basics to help ensure an easy, worry-free trip.

The Two-in-One Maxi Dress

This two-in-one maxi dress by Steven Craig is one of our top picks for any vacation. The versatile garment can be used a daytime dress, perfect for a lunch time cruise, sightseeing or tour. At night, change the piece into a maxi skirt and pair with a blouse or top, chandelier earrings and kitten heels for a polished, elegant look.

DAWGS bendable flip flops come in

DAWGS bendable flip flops come in

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An Extra Toothbrush

While dental hygiene is important, the extra toothbrush isn’t for brushing. It actually serves multiple purposes. If it’s muddy, you can clean the bottoms of your shoes before repacking. If your jewelry is dirty, you can clean it with a little jewelry cleaner and warm water. Or if you have a scuff on your shoe, gently brush away with a bit of polish. Tooth brushes also help tame baby hairs and bangs in place of clunky larger brushes.

Bendable Flip Flops

These flip flops are light weight and can easily fit into your carry on. They’re perfect for lounging by the pool, walking on the beach or a trip to the spa.

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A Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is an essential when traveling. Use it on the plane to take a nap (and making eye contact with other passengers.) They’re great for a quick nap under a beach umbrella or poolside cabana. The most important part—those pesky hotel room drapes that don’t quite close all the way and conveniently leave just enough space for a crack of sunlight, which shines right in your face at 5:45 a.m. A sleep mask—never leave home without it.

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